Many of the bands listed below underwent several line up changes over the years. So this quick review turns out to be far from complete, exhaustive or definitive.

Some bands have quickly disappeared from the scene without leaving any recordings, others on the other hand are still  active (see Tampax).

This is Rock' PN 'Roll!      


( pre-Complotto: Brand New Wave 1976-1979 )    



Pre-Tampax band formed by Ado Scaini, Willy Gibson, Roger, Plastic. No recordings and only few live performances. They split up in 1979 to start Tampax off.

Clockwork Orange (Arancia Meccanica).

Punk formation set off by Miss Xox, Plastic Girl, Dee Dee Jukebox. They split in 1978 to form HitlerSS. Their live repertoire became part of HitlerSSí repertoire.

Gestapo SS.

There are no detailed information. Band mentioned on the Spill-On fanzine. Probable members: Manzotin / Gestapo kid / Steve Maligno/ Joe Sterminio


Band active between 1978 and 1979 rose from the ashes of Clockwork Orange. At first, the band saw Miss Xox on guitar and vocals, and Plastic Girl on drums. They were later joined by Sid Delicious on bass,  Paris on guitar and Johnny Bee Good on keyboards.

Their activity  was short but devastating and it reached its peak when their split with Tampax was published in 1979. (They were present with following tracks: Slave/Naked/Punk is dead(no solution)). On cover they pretended to be ex-LondonSS! Plastic gateway led to the band breaking up, which happened in the same year. 

Ice & the Iced.

The Italian Ramones. Trio comprising singer-guitarist Ice,  Ronnie McTaylor on bass and Larry Plague on drums. They published a beautiful 7 "EP containing the classic Polyschyzophrenya and We have had enough in 1981. Remembered for their incendiary live performances in which, they alternated pieces written by the band with rearranged pieces by The Who (My generation) and pieces by The Ramones that sounded like Frank Sinatra! Tracks such as React, Kriminal, My gun, The violence in me, Slash me should have been part of an LP but remained in the drawer.

Jesse crazy group.

1978 band  militated by Jesse (Tampax...). They havenít recorded anything.


Trio led by Jesse and active around 1977. They havenít recorded anything.

Nazi Razers.

Band  devoted to late 70s punk rock. Pre- Waalt Diisneey.

Line up: P.Pillot / P.Parigi / P.PAgnes / Plastic/M.Anzil.



Punk band born in 1979 and led by Dee Dee Juke Box (see Clockwork Orange), other band members were Alien and  Morellato. They havenít recorded anything.


Band active between 1978-1979 militated by Manzotin, editor of the Spill-On fanzine.

The Scurf.

First band formed by Miss Xox with Ino Ino, it was 1977. The band hasnít recorded anything , they just played few live performances. They split in 1978, from its ashes Miss Xox gave life to The Clockwork Orange.


Band formed by Ado Scaini, Willy Gibson, Silence and Plastic Girl in 1979 following The BumPamBingTilt dissolution. In December 1978 they self-produced the legendary split together with HitlerSS; it was later published in 1979 and it included the following tracks: UFO Dictator and Tampax(in the cunt). In 1984 they published Police in the car, a new single presenting Radar on drums, (he had already taken over in 1979) and introducing Jesse and M. Brunetta. With this line up they recorded a second one-sided 7Ē entitled O'Dio in 1986 and in 1988 the LP Sorry Not Tonight , which contained material recorded between 1978 and 1988.

Members of the band were also involved in numerous side-projects: 001 Cancer,  Musique Mecanique ..

Currently Tampax are Ado Scaini, Willy Gibson, Silence and Radar.

Other bands related to the Brand New Wave with no accurate information:

Radars / The Kids / Adolescent Sex


(the Complotto years: 1979-1988)


001 100 111 100 011 001 011 100

Band active between 1979 and 1984 dedicated to experimental electronic. They contributed to the EP Onda 400, to the LP The Great Complotto Pordenone and to other various compilations. The band included Ado (Tampax) next to Radar (up until 1980), Ale and Cinzia. A second formation included Plexy replacing Radar and Gibson replacing Cinzia.




Band mentioned on Oxide, approximately 1981.

Probable members: Iperclorex/Nembo Kid/Spiddle.


Band mentioned on Oxide, approximately 1981.

Probable members: Iperclorex/Nembo Kid/Spiddle. There is no further info.

Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor.

Miss Xox and Sid Delicious post-HitlerSS project. Formed in 1979, they left 3 splendid  new-wave recordings: We arenít Devo revo on the single included in the Onda400 (1980) fanzine and Iím in love with my computer / The future in the The Great Complotto Pordenone (1980) LP. They split in 1981.

Line up: Brian Casio/ Franco Zanussi / Hulk /Yves Dolcevita / Tristan Casanova (Xox) / Sid Vogue / Johnny Bee Good.







Formation mentioned on the Il giovane naoniano (1979-1980) fanzine, there isnít any precise information.


Band mentioned on the Rock PN Roll fanzine, approximately 1981.

Probable line up: Tax Free/Alan Nala/Woo'd stock/Enny.

Dam' Place.

Formation active from 1982 to 1984 with several live performances and an homonymic LP recorded for Atelier de Montage and produced by Willy Gibson.

Line up: Phil/ R.McLennison/ J.Gatsby /Ivanoe Romanoff


Band born by Dance Diagram following singer David Kirbyís departure. In 1984 they took part in the Pordenone/Taranto compilation with the track In the city while the 12Ē Art of transmission  was published in the same year. They split in 1984.

Line up: Paolo Parigi / PierAndrea Parigi / Magenta

Dance Diagram.

Band formed in 1982 after The Fhedolts split, they broke up in 1984 following singer David Kirbyís departure.

Line up: Paolo Parigi / PierAndrea Parigi / Magenta/ D.Kirby

Dernier Regard.

Band originated between Sacile and Pordenone and active between 1984 and 1985. They recorded a demo-tape of 6 new wave style tracks and partook to the Pordenone/Taranto LP with a track called Never fear.

Line up: Giorgio F. vocals+chitarra/ Giancarlo P. keyboards/ Maurizio DeS. bass/ Orfeo C. drums

 Elvis and the Ua Ba Baluba.

Band active in the begining of 80s, they havenít recorded anything but played some live acts. Andrea Plastino (Elvis) has recently published a solo CD.

Line up: Elvis/Ado/P.Parigi/P.Parigi/Bryan Casio/Matt Aschwitz/Stiff Stuff

Les Mambo Cariocas .

There is no information on this band. Possibly it involved: David Kirby / Radar / Adolf / Gibson.




NewĖwave formation born in 1979 and led by the electric singer David Kirby. Next to Kirby we find Peter Punk on guitar, Zombi and Rodi. Proof of their activities can be found on an EP included in the Onda400 fanzine (Monsters in the disco,1980) and on the LP The Great Complotto Pordenone (Stimolation/Earthling, 1980). They split up in 1982.




Probably one of the most succesful bands of The Complotto. They formed in 1984 from The Gigolo Look, in which Davide Toffolo (nowTre allegri ragazzi morti) and Gianmaria Accusani (now Prozac+) already performed. They contributed to the Pordenone/Taranto compilation (with a live track) and to the Italian rock invasion for Dischi Noi. In 1984 they printed a 12" Colour of fight and a 33 rpm Il bambino che baciava...and marameo alla morte in 1989. They split up shortly afterward in 1990.

Line up:Gianmaria Accusani / Davide Sorriso / Marco / Lemury/ Giulio

GigolÚ Look.

Band formed by Brian Casio in 1981 after Andy Warhol split. They partook in the 1983 to the IV3SCR compilation, they split up in the same year. This band included Davide Toffolo and Glemmy later both members of Futuritmi.

Line up: Gianmaria Accusani: drums / Chris Montreaux: bass / Bryan Casio: piano / Davide Sorriso: voice / Stephen Delight: guitar

James Bond Revolver.

Formation active between 1980/1981 with just some live performances (mentioned on Il giovane naoniano).


Wave formation born in 1979 with Joe Valentino and Star Lee next to Adolpf Spitz and Charlie Cicero. They contribuited to the LP The Great Complotto Pordenone with Paraguay and Foolish Girl, to IV3SCR with Get Proud/Kunst und Technik and to Pordenone/Taranto where they were called Nuovo and recorded a the track entitled 1. They split up in 1983.

Musique Mecanique.

Duo formed by Willy Gibson and Mario Brunetta devoted to experimentalism of sounds reproduction trought mechanical organs. They took part in the LP The Great Complotto Pordenone with the following tracks: Atoms for energy and Good ideas must not fall in the hands of enemy.


Mind Invaders.

Originally born from a Piermario Cianiís project, this Ďbandís core has always been kept a secret. Under the name of Mind Invaders we find a track (Individual Therapy) in the album The Great Complotto Pordenone (signed by Plexy / Pick Pocket) and a second track Stealnack, which appears on the EP Onda400. Recently I got hold of a whole 7Ē EP intirely by Mind Invaders, which was recorded in 1981.

Polo Juve.

Formation probably active in 1980/1981 comprising the Toffolo brothers. They havenít recorded anything.

Line up: Davide Toffolo / Toffolo / Cinzia / ?

Reflex d'Epoque.

Born from Skifox ashes (circa 1980) they later became Reflex d'Epoque; they changed line-up with Klark Kent (ex X-150 Specials) on vocals and Apo on driums. They contributed to the Un inverno a Pordenone (A winter in Pordenone) box set in 1984 with a 45 rpm single From an Island/Please don't cut my sight.

Line up: Biga / Klark Kent / Fabio M./ Sax Biga / Apo/ Omnipresent

Rendez Vous Ravage.

Formation that partook to the Un Inverno a Pordenone box set with a 45 rpm single . Formed in 1982 , they split in 1984 to give life to X 150 Specials. They recorded a 6 track demo-tape.

Line up: Marco Altan/ Pierpaolo Pillot / Diavoletto Nero


Sexy Angels.

A band with probably the longest life in The Complotto. Born in 1979 as a punk band, it approached a Goth sound-wave in early 80s and then followed a more classic rock influence at the end of the decade (the band changed its name in Ex). They participated to the LP The Great Complotto Pordenone with the anthem Atoms for energy and La Beat. In the Onda400 EP, they presented Devil while in the IV3SCR compilation, they recorded Mathematic Mind and Neutronic War. On the Un Inverno a Pordenone  box set we find them with Shake (as Zexy Angels), on the Pordenone/Taranto compilation they are present with W.U.E., in 1986 they presented a mini-LP entitled Substitute while 1989 saw the publication of Cuori a gas(gas Hearts), a LP where they appeared under the name of Ex.

Line Up: Klark Kent / Matcing Mole / Matt Auschwitz / Ringo Colt / Sad Lone / Stiff Stuff

Second line up: Ringo / Roger / Doc / Cicco / Paolo / Nicky


Band already mentioned on the Rock PN Roll fanzine, circa 1981. There is no further info relating to this band, which core included Emanuele Barison (Nb: In 1984 an Italian-wave style single called Uomo di Beirut (Beirut Man)/Raggae'n'Roll was published under the name Sinners for Duke).


Band active in early 80s (1980-1981) which included Spill Fox and teenagers from The Mini Kids. They havenít recorded anything but were quite active gig wise.

 Line up: Spill Fox / P.Pillot / Lupin / Midi / Niki

Tre Positivo.

Band active between 1985 and 1988 formed by Paris jr, Muzzin and  Polsi. They recorded a demo-tape which was reviewed by Rockstar magazine.

XX Century Zorro.

Band founded by Miss Xox around 1981. Musically oriented towards an art-wave, an avangard new-wave that could resemble bands like The Astronauts or The Homosexuals. Their first and only album entitled La volpe du XX siecle belongs to 1989. It was greeted with disagreement by the press. They also contributed to various compilations, in recent years they published a posthumous album containing previously  unpublished tracks.

Line up: Zix / Cyd Vogue / Vice Duce / Bic BirÚ / Rudy / Omar Amour / Franco Zanussi / Baron O'Tull / Phabio Zig.ant. E

(In the late 80s the band abridged to three members: Xox, Bidy and Teho Teardo. It seems that they recorded some tracks in a studio for an album that was never published)


X150 Specials.

Band oriented towards mod music. No records printed.

Line up: Pillot / Klark Kent / PelŤ

The Waalt Diisneey production.

Punk band with former HitlerSS Plastic Girl on vocals joined by Kevin Swinging, Ernest Wrong and Steve Vinavil. Initially devoted to punk they turned in early 80s to new-wave expanding their numbers with Hulk, Sid Vogue, Nick, and Albert. They also changed their name into New Waalt Diisneey.

They participated to the LP
The Great Complotto Pordenone with Chips DorŤ and I need action; they were present in the Pordenone/Taranto with Drumcussion between 1980 and 1984. In 1997 they published one of their live gig dated back to 1979 and recorded at Pordenone Verdi Theatre entitled Live in Diisneeyland '79.

Waalt Diisney: Richy Sea(Plastic) / Paris jr / King SW/P.Pillot


Band formed in 1979 by Glue Silent and A.F.I. Sexo joined later by Donald Duck on bass and subsequently by Destroyer. They took part in the LP The Great Complotto Pordenone with the track called Wyatt Earp. What else can we say about a band that performed giving their backs to the audience and played tracks like I canít fuck on the grass and I have learned to fuck on the grass ?Bloody brillant!


They participated to the 1983 music review held at Verdi theatre. There is no other information.